How I Work

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I practice Somatic Psychotherapy, which is an approach that recognizes the inextricable link between mind and body. This orientation has been utilized in a variety of therapeutic settings-- most notably in trauma work and mindfulness based practices. What makes somatics so unique is the attention and focus on the here-and-now, which allows clients to have a tangible way to influence their experience in the moment.

When imagining what a therapy session looks like, many people picture talking about stories from their past and sharing their feelings. This will most certainly be true of our sessions, yet what makes somatics different is that thoughts, feelings and ideas are explored through the lived experience. When working with clients, I am constantly asking, “What is actually happening in your body right now?”

For example, if a person comes to therapy feeling anxious, that anxiety is not just a thought in their head; it’s a lived experience that might include a sensation of tightness in their chest, constriction in their belly or throat, or a more rapid heartbeat. Somatics acknowledges these physical sensations. Rather than continuing to tell the same story and feeling trapped in the same cycle, I work with clients to slow down and create a space between action and reaction by staying present with the physical component of the experience. In the case of anxiety, a particular situation (work, family etc.) may trigger familiar sensations, and in acknowledging these symptoms and working on a physical level, a client may be able to respond in a different way. Some questions that we might explore are, “Can you intensify your anxiety? How did you do that? Can you loosen it?” This is an incredibly powerful way to actually influence experience!

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